You have to work out a maintenance schedule in order to introduce and observe, what kind of cleaning/maintenance jobs, how often need to be performed.

cleaning maintenance schedule

The following duties are listed in a typical maintenance plan:
Those areas, that need to be hoovered daily
Those areas, that need to be hoovered on every second day
Those areas, that need to be hoovered on every third day

Those areas, that need to be hoovered once a week

Daily stain cleaning

Stain cleaning, when it becomes necessary

Monthly cleaning of high traffic areas

Quarter year cleaning of high traffic areas

Half year cleaning of medium traffic areas

+ Annual cleaning of low traffic areas

Areas cleaned if necessary (less used areas)


While we think so, that the maintenance guide is very useful, it is extreme important, that the cleaner staff must be well-trained in report making and handling maintenance processes.
From this aspect, we consider the most important part of maintenance training, that there should be a system, where they can report stains and their removal, and to ensure that they keep all cleaning tools in good shape.
Decisions are made very often about deep cleaning of the carpet due to a localized stain, thus we recommend to always keep the required chemicals at hand to remove most common stains. We figured out, that use of stain removal kits is a very efficient method of bringing detergents to the area of contamination. We recommend to keep these kits in a central place. We can not emphasize enough the importance of the staff being well-trained in stain removal.

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