Act immediately, if contaminating fluid spills onto the carpet, absorb the fluid thoroughly by a soft towel or white absorber paper, such as paper towel. Do not twist the material used for absorption, push it with your full weight instead, until it becomes full, then replace it again. Continue this process until the absorber does not become wet again when pressing it onto the stain area. Do not forget, that if you remove ALL moisture, then 95% of the stain can be removed without using chemicals, and removal of the residuary becomes easy. Dried stains are very tough, or even impossible to remove. NEVER SCRUB OR SCOUR STAIN SURFACES!

Stain removal fluids

If a bigger among of fluid spilled onto the carpet, hoover the majority by a wet vacuum cleaner. Then the following absorption process may start.

Solid materials

Scratch the contamination with a knife of spatula, then hoover it, if no traces left. Remove the residual contamination according to the attached list.

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