1. The system is a controlled cleaning process, where the carpet surface and its primary lower layer remain dry.

Benefits of dry cleaning

2. You can step on surfaces under cleaning, while the powder is getting dry. Following hoovering, normal usage can be immediately continued.

3. You can focus higher forces on heavily used places, thus the work shift of the cleaner staff can be effectively utilized.

4. The carpet does not get wet, so no mildew can occur under the carpet.

5. Areas of high traffic can be (independently) cleaned, the cleaned part gently merges with the adjacent carpet parts.

6. During the cleaning process, the rotating brushed machine also raises and regenerate clumped fluffes, so felting can be evaded.

7. Network (electrical, phone etc) connection points placed in the floor remain safe, while there is no risk of incoming water through the carpet.

8. Dry powder does not harm the environment, it complies with the European health and safety standards, regulations, which categorize this detergent as a non-hazardous product. ·

9. Following hoovering, the used powder can be treated as normal household waste.

Difficulties of dry cleaning system

1 The opinion has become widespread, that carpet can not be thoroughly cleaned without warm water.

2. Many think so, that this process is expensive.

3. Many carpet cleaner companies do not offer dry carpet cleaner equipment (machine).

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