There are several warm-water carpet cleaner machines, but basically they are wheeled and container-shaped. They have a bucket (for detergent water), combined intubation tubes for spraying detergent solution and for the pump (vacuum) machine, with that they absorb the mixture of water, dirt and detergent from the carpet.

Warm water cleaning

Benefits of warm-water cleaning

  1. Most cleaner entrepreneurs offer warm-water carpet cleaning service, thus it is easily available.
  2. Warm-water cleaning is the most suitable process to perform major cleaning on pinned carpets.
  3. Fibers of pinned carpets are usually thicker, they consist of twisted fibers. During drying, detergent used for dry cleaning does not reach the surface due to capillarity, but remain hidden inside the fiber, thus the optimal humidity level of the material is ensured.
  4. Proper performance of warm-water cleaning means that pinned carpets are well-cleaned, and its optical appearance, comfort significantly improves.

Comment *It is very important to let carpets enough time to dry (min. 12-24 hours), before using them again. This period depends on the fiber thickness, fiber type, density, temperature etc.

Generally we do not recommend wet carpet cleaning, because the cleaner may make the carpet too wet, thus water might get under the carpet, gluing might be damaged and even instability in size might occur.
For module carpets, we recommend only dry cleaning method.

In case of applying warm-water method, it always needs to be examined on a small area, whether the carpet discolors, or any other unwanted effects occur.

Wool carpets need to be cleaned with water only after several years.

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