1. Less educated cleaners prefer to use much water and detergent.
  2. Warm-water carpet cleaning is often considered as the tool of major cleaning, so they let the carpet become dirty, saying it can be cleaned by warm-water cleaning. Cleaners are often seduced to increase the concentration of detergent solution when cleaning very dirty areas.
  3. Cleaned carpet needs to be fully dried before stepping on them. Enterprises often perform this operation on Friday night or Saturday morning, supposing the carpet will be dried by Monday morning.
  4. A carpet seems to be dry, might be still wet depending on the humidity level.
  5. If the wet carpet is not let to completely dry, although it looks like cleaner at first glance, it will result up in getting a spectacular contamination soon (applied detergents attract contaminations and the wet carpets work similar to a duster: it removes and absorbs dirt from the shoes.) If sand gets into the wet carpet, abrasion significantly speeds up.

Problems occurring at warm-water cleaning

Warm-water cleaning is a good method for educated cleaners, this method can complement dry cleaning method.

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